Monday, April 7, 2014

04/08/14 Venice here we come!


I don't know where to begin.

I guess I'll start with saying this: "We're finally home owners."

Now, I've seen some bloggers from 2011-early 2013 updating their home purchasing/construction process every step and almost every day. My love and I started pretty late with the blogging. So bear with us as we update you guys on what's going on so far. 

To make this story short, it took us a month to look at homes in Chesapeake. (I know... too soon.) We instantly fell in love with the community Culpepper Landing. Sure it's freaking far from our friends and family AND work, but we just love it because of the community. We get a clubhouse with a ridiculous huge outdoor pool and a fitness center. There's going to be a small marketplace opening up with small shops, boutiques, and food. A dog park. A future walking trail. A boat drop off dock to canoe, kayak, row on the Great Dismal Swamp. Sigh... the list is endless and we know purchasing a home there would be amazing if we sell our home. I did say, IF.  Everything is a walking distance and of course its a TND. What's TND you say? Well I actually studied the community manual. Yes there's a manual for everything. TND means, "Traditional Neighborhood Development". 'Basic community interactions increases so that neighbors get to know one another.' (Which my love and I has done... so many nice people... they wave, say hi, and smile as they walk their dogs, bike, and jog past us.) It's a long list but my favorite is 'increasing residents health and obesity decreases'.

I likes. I need to decrease my obesity.

Check the map here:

Yeah it's tiny and cropped because i had to take a screenshot of it since it's a PDF.
Looks familiar? It should be. It's where the Homearama took place in 2012.

So what have we done so far?  Took forever to get pre-approved, went back and forth to the community to make sure that this is the one, grabbed a realtor to make sure that the incentives given by NVR and Ryan Homes are legitimately legit, and we ended up signing, dotting, and now... we're awaiting for the dreaded appointments to begin. We already held a lot, bought the lot, spoken to a financial loan officer, and just yesterday picked out colors.

We got a corner lot! 
Espresso... ooh.
Since we were at a corner lot, they made us choose a nice brick for the bottom... what's it called? The foundation? Damn I'm such a noob. We chose the second brightest red on the left.

Can you guess what colors we chose? Apparently, red and blue were taken... but we ended up choosing two awesome colors. 

So those are some of the photos we took so far... onward on our adventure as we build our first home! 


  1. Hi, I just found your blog. Congratulations on your new purchase. So happy to see someone from Hampton Roads! We too are building a Ryan Homes in SE Virginia.
    Here's our link:

    1. Hi! Yes! Thank you! Congrats on your home also! It looks gorgeous... especially having that basement! I wish we were allowed basements in our area but we live too close to the ocean... oh well. I'll follow you guys also!

    2. Yah, many hampton roads cities do not allow basements. That's the reason we are moving 45 minutes away (to west) because my husband really wants a basement and our current city don't allow basements anymore due to shallow water table (i think that's what it is). Followed your blog too!

  2. Congratulations...Just came across your blog. I think you will be happy with the Venice. We went back n forth between the Venice and Florence and ultimately decided on the Florence. I really love the huge closet the Venice has in the MBR and the upstairs laundry room.

    1. Hello! Thanks and congratulations to you too! The Florence is really cute! And you guy are lucky to live in WV. Here in VA for a Florence, it starts at $290,000. Just followed your blog so I can see the new updates to your home!