Monday, July 14, 2014

07/13/14 Granite, porch, lights, floors, patio! Ole!

WARNING: Prepare for massive images overload!

We went to see the house today. We picked up the key at the model home and our SR told us that there's someone in our home giving a tour. Last Sunday, she told me they've been giving a lot of tours at our home since we're the only Venice on a corner lot, with an open finished attic, and customized loft. So I guess our home is being used as an example. lol

We saw the family coming out of the garage with this guy who I've forgotten his name... he introduced us the person who started Ryan Homes in Culpepper Landing. I have no idea what came over me, but I kinda sounded prude to them... I said, "Like our home?" with the most stupidest grin on my face. Trust me you guys, I'm not that kind of person and I have no idea what made me say that. Haha! I know it's not really ours just yet... but hey I'm damn proud of it.

I like how our home is being shown though. We want people to know that even though it's a cookie cutter home, you can still customize some things that aren't considered "optional".

Anyway, here are some new updated pictures! There were some guys working on our porch and patio. We made ourselves at home and took a gander inside.

Breaker breaker. Can you spot the spelling errors?

We were wondering if we need to go out and buy an extinguisher... Glad they're giving us this fancy white one.

Have no fear! Santa Cecilia Light is here!

I think it looks good!

I like how good the kitchen looks in this picture. lol 

Double double sink y'all!

A sample of our Misty Gray flooring that's going to be underneath our gas stove.

Close up on the granite.

Back deck patio

Front porch (Someone was working on it to the left and I said, "hi" and he just looked at me. Sheesh.)

Light fixture in the powder room.

Light fixture in the master bathroom.

Light fixtures on the 2nd floor hallway.

These fire/carbon monoxide detectors are everywhere! In each room and hall.

Hall bathroom flooring

Master bathroom flooring

Powder room flooring

Laundry room flooring

Neighbor's home. Don't know what model they're getting. It looks like a Milan.

Recessed lights in the attic. I can't wait to see them light up at night.

Porch is coming along!

Deck is coming along!

I like how long the deck is.

More pictures are going to be uploaded by the end of this week to see the finishing touches on the porch and patio! Can't wait. Hope you guys don't mind! lol.


  1. Ermagherd... I'm in love with your house. If you asked me that question I would have been like, "um yeahhhhh"!

    Seriously... Do you have thirty floors in your home? How's the maester bedroom? Someone doesn't know how to spell for sure! Ha ha ha!

    You are soooooo close!

    1. Beautiful home! I love the kitchen and I must say even the fire extinguisher is fancy! I can't wait to see more pics!!

    2. Haha I know right Bridget! There's some other spelling errors but Iit's enough for us to understand it. lol. But thanks so much! Yes we're almost at the home stretch!

    3. Eboni thank you! I never seen a white fire extinguisher! Hopefully I don't have to use it. lol!

  2. Woot..Looking good. Almost there!! can't wait to see the final pics before closing.

    1. Yes! Thanks! Your home is looking awesome! It's almost that time for you guys to close!

  3. Everything looks awesome! Loving your cabinet and granite combo! I'm also loving your deck! How big is it? It looks a lot bigger than the average Ryan Home deck. We're getting a 14x22' deck and we haven't seen anyone else getting a big deck until now!

    P.S. I would be proud of my house too! I would have probably said the same thing you did! haha! Nothing wrong with being proud of your beautiful home and choices!

    1. Haha I suck and really don't know what size our deck is. We just said we liked the model home's deck size and wanted it on our home too! I think your deck is bigger. I'll post the finish product later tonight for ya!

  4. LOVE the kitchen granite/cabinet combo! It's going to look phenomenal when it's done!! :) And there is NOTHING wrong with being proud of this beautiful home! Love it and own it! ;)