Friday, April 11, 2014

04/11/14 Get on the floor!

I am so overwhelmed... I can't believe it. I am the most decisive person in the world.. and doing this in such a short time frame... it was so damn hard.

Flooring took us 2 hours to pick and choose what we want. I kept changing my damn mind. If I had infinite funds then heck yeah our carpets would look nice and our bathrooms would look spectacular... but since we have to use the bare minimum on everything... I'm not really that content with it.


Sucks pushing monies on a house. 

Guess which floor we chose? The one up front... I love that color. It's really different from those dark ones.

Apparently it's called Misty Gray. It looks different from this shot versus the photo above... I like the texture of it. Behind it is our kitchen cabinet color. We decided to change the granite because the one we chose before didn't go well with the floor.

Up top is our bathroom cabinet color. I hate it so much... but we didn't wanna spend anymore money on upgrades. Then of course next to it is our kitchen cabinet, then the chosen carpet, chosen wooden floor, and the downstairs powder room is the ceramic tile. 

The carpet took me forever to pick out. This is the ceramic with the chosen grout. Yeah so weird that I have to choose a grout color. 

Vinyl we chose for the laundry room and the same ceramic for the powder room downstairs.

Wooden floor again with our carpet.

Handrails. We chose the darkest one. 
Owner's suite bathroom floor. Again, we wanted ceramic... but we decided no.. sigh. Money!
I didn't take photos of the tile to put against the wall of our bathrooms... we opted for a cheaper alternative... white for the guest and almond for the masters... man it is so hard to pick out everything when you can't really visualize it physically.

Sigh. As you can see, I'm not really to satisfied with our selections. We really did wish I had our friends to help us out with what's good and what's not good.

It's just the spare bathroom and the owner's bathroom is something I'm not cool with... but the downstairs will look fabulous... sigh. #firstworldproblems

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