Sunday, April 13, 2014

04/13/14 Parents Approval

So I texted my parents telling them to check Culpepper Landing out.

They met up with my boyfriend and I at the community. My dad said it reminded him like a movie... "Pleasantville" or something. lol. My mom said it was pretty far from where they live. I told them, well it beats living in Virginia Beach and Norfolk right about now... them shootings are ridiculous lately.

We rode in their car and went around the block and showed them the lot. They loved how it's a corner lot.

Majority of the time we showed them the floor plans and showed a picture of the exact replica of how the kitchen is going to look. My mom shrieked and was really excited. She asked if she can utilize the kitchen and cook in it. Haha.

I'm really glad that my parents love the house. My mom jokes my dad and says, "let build a house here!"

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