Wednesday, May 21, 2014

05/21/14 Broke Ground!

Yes. It happened yesterday. Thank goodness. Took them two weeks to do it, but we finally see some work done.

We haven't been to the community in a long time... well maybe since our pre-construction meeting  on May 7th... so far two houses are already up across from our home. Holy crap that was mad quick. It's a Ravenna and a Milan. Excited to see what other models are going to around us... a lot of people chose the beige-y colored kinda home... I think our home is gonna stand out just a tad bit. A lean mean very green house.

Front (Trying to figure out where the driveway is since it's going to be on the left)
They say it's a big backyard... I don't see it. lol. 
Side of the backyard
After viewing our lot... we went 8 minutes down the street for a snowball. lol It was delicious. Probably will visit again once we moved in.

Shark Attack


  1. Congrats on ground breaking! And please send me some... I've really been wanting some flavored ice lately. Wonder if I can convince my husband to get me some Rita's...

    1. Thanks Jennifer! I'll definitely will since it's my favorite place to go so far! lol I love Rita's! My favorite is their honeydew and cotton candy... Sometimes when they have Juicy Pear I usually mix it with the honeydew. lol.