Wednesday, May 7, 2014

05/07/14 Pre-Construction Meeting (Massive information)

Whew. I just type all of this up in a matter of minutes. So bare with me with the grammatical errors and what not. lol.

So... That was one crazy meeting. So much we went through... and so much questions was asked. Some of you guys got it made! There are some things that y'all did with your homes that we can't do to ours.

Thanks to Dwtimes2 and Jennifer for giving me more questions to ask to our PM. It was good to ask.

I found out that our home is REVERSED. That was a shocker of the bloody day. I had my mindset on the regular Venice floor plan but then boom there goes the dynamite... we're getting a reversed home.

So after hours of photoshop... (I'm not very photoshop savvy) I finally made the exact replica floor plan thingy majiggys. Since the one on the Ryan Homes website sucked.

1st Floor Reversed

2nd Floor Reversed


We didn't care much for the reversed version of the Venice. It is what it is. We'll deal.

So the questions. Aye. These are what I asked:

Can we add a sink rough-in in the attic for a wet bar ?
Nope, because we asked too late.

Can we run flooring up to the wall under cabinets?
Nope, because the PM said hardwood goes last and doesn't want to mess the wood up with the workers stepping all over it. 

Hose bibs go where?
On the sides. Sadly we can't get front or back. But it's close. 

Can we add a utility sink in the garage? 

Can we widen the driveway?
It's a little wider than the garage doors, so we didn't want to debate about it. But we talked about it. 

Can we add two outlets on the island? 
Yes, but we can do it ourselves.

Can we put the cabinets out more above the fridge?
No. Didn't get a good reason for this one... Gah it looks so stupid... think we can do this ourselves?  

Switches? Are they in the middle?
Nope. To the side. 

Fireplace switch? Can we put it somewhere else?
Yes. Behind the mounted television. 

Does attic have a door at the entrance?

What kind lighting does the attic have?
Recessed lighting. It looks amazing. 

Where does the fuse box go?
Inside garage with the meter outside. 

Can we add drop lights in the kitchen?

Does the attic have it's own climate control?
Yes. Every floor gets a thermostat. So we get three.... that's nuts! Save monies! 

There were a lot more questions, but these were the few I could recall. 

Yeah majority of our requests were thumbs down... but I'm just glad our second bedroom is going to be turned into a mini-loft. Woo hoo!

But yes, the meeting went well and our PM Vince seems like a cool guy. The thing that made us feel at ease is when he said, "Communication is important". He'll let us know of anything such as e-mailing us all the updated pictures and what not. 

We should start breaking ground... NEXT WEEK!

Tis' exciting. After our meeting, Beth took us to see a reversed Venice with an attic. I love the attic, it is so big... The owners made their attic into a a bedroom with a bath. Ultimate cool spot if you're a kid and you get to stay up there. 

Here's a picture of the stairs leading up to the attic as we were on the second floor: 

We have the same stair case. We went the cheap route and got the half walls. Which surprisingly don't look too bad! 

Here is the Venice we visited and next to it is a Florence. The Florence has the same color we're going to get:
Venice and a Florence with the color we chose! Such a lovely green. 
What our Venice is going to look like, minus the red and tannish brown. I'd choose this color but the blues and reds are already taken around us. :(  I really wanted a blue with light beige colored house.

A Rome with the same color combination we're getting. But with a dark brown steel room versus this red one. 

I like it! Can't wait to see it on our Venice!
Man... I better not change my mind... I hate it when I do that... I stare at a photo for a long time and will start regretting  my color choices... what do you guys think? Haha. I just can't wait to see our home go up!


  1. WHAT?? Your PM needs strong armed. LOL. Cant do hardwood under cabinets. BS we DID!! they just protected the floors!

    BS about the switches too, those workers but them anywhere, so when they start make sure you tell your PM before they drywall over it if you want it moved. Watch the placement of the cable lines too.

    Our fireplace switch is on a completely different wall, it looks like a light switch along the other switches. Why behind tv?

    Why is it too late for a rough in in the attic? You didnt even break ground yet!!! I hate laziness!!

    Hose bibs!! Urghhh!

    Although I would image your house is WAY diff from mine since we have a basement, that is where all the GUTS are, so I dont know how they plan yours out?? Ive always had a basement. But never had a finished attic. LOL

    Driveway too is BS, I was always there at the house when something BIG happened so I was able to talk to a lot of the workers. I got them to do small things I wanted. I would grab the asphalt/driveway guys, float them a few bucks to widen it. LOL

    Oh did you ask about insulation? If not, go in right after your pre drywall meeting and DO IT. Be a rebel!!!!!! Wish I had!!!

    OH, also, are you guys going to do a deck or patio? Will it be raised or on the ground. They put those damn vents and what not right in the middle of your proposed outdoor space!! check that out.

    Glad you like your PM, can I come help you build your house??, it was my favorite time!! I loved it. My PM may not have (no we still have a good working relationship).

    1. The flooring thing made me like crap. Haha. I understand what you mean about having it under the cabinets... because what if?!

      They have this thing where we had two weeks before changing anything structural... and we totally missed it so we can't add the rough in for a sink. Our hopes of a mini wet bar in the attic when to shambles... I felt like the PM can do it but he said we wave to ask the SA first which she responded with a "no". Then our PM said he knows that his workers won't mind doing it, AFTER closing... so that means tearing that house apart for a damn rough in for a sink. GAH!

      So were thinking before drywall, to head over there any maybe put money under the table for the workers to put a rough in for a sink... my boyfriend was like all for it... then I'm like... "I don't want them to get the workers in trouble..." Haha.

      Oh I did ask about insulation! Our PM was like, it'll be okay and the houses are really good with being soundproof and even with a different insulation it won't make difference... so we'll see when we flush that toilet and hear all the goodies going down the toilet.

      We have a deck and patio. It will be raised above the ground. I hope there's no vent in the middle... all I know is the morning room is on the left and then to the right is the deck with stairs going down towards the back of the yard. They better not utilize the back of our yard... we're trying to make a fire pit in the future! lol

      Dwtimes2 please come on by and take over for me. You seem like you can put your foot down on a lot of things. I'm all, "okay... oh alright..." when i should be, "NO. You're not living in this house, so I should have it the way I want to have it for the next 30 damn years!". Haha

  2. So glad everything went well and you're basically happy!

    I think we knew our home was going to be reversed from the get-go... I think. It really didn't matter, that's how we were used to seeing it anyway as the model is a reversed Rome.

    I don't understand why they won't do the plumbing rough-in when you haven't broken ground... it's not like they wouldn't charge you and it's never gonna be as easy as it would be now. I think I might keep pushing that issue.

    And dw, you're welcome to come try to finish our build... I would be sooo happy for someone to take this off my hands!

    1. I like the reverse! It's different. But yeah, they have this thing where you had two weeks to do structural changes... so we missed it and I didn't know adding a rough in for a sink in the attic would be a big deaI. I don't think we can push the issue further since it's all red tape and all the players are ready to go... they have to rewrite the paperwork and delay production.. Sucks.

      Our PM told us that the workers won't mind helping us out and adding a rough in... AFTER closing... so that means breaking the house apart... What a waste.

      I feel like the SR has everything locked down and our PM has to ask her first before we can do any changes. The PM has no problem doing it and it's possible, but the SR was like, "no". :(

      I agree with dwtimes2, pleaseeee come by and show them that you're an experienced Ryan Home owner and tell them what can be done! Haha

  3. You asked a lotof good questions. Don't second guess your choices. It will drive you nuts. I know it does me when I think about my selections.

    1. Thanks! I think it already has driven me crazy. lol I know I should stop. What's been done is done... ain't no turning back now!

  4. So jealous you guys have multiple thermostats. Our venice was built in 2012 and we have one which makes for a cold basement and upstairs during the winter!

    1. Ahhh so jealous that you guys have a basement! I would take a cold basement over three thermostats! Okay maybe... depends... but still! A basement! In our area we can't have basements since we're in the tidewater area. :(