Saturday, May 3, 2014

05/04/15 May the 4th be with you!

Just to update, we're FINALLY meeting with our PM this Wednesday. I have to leave work early to head over there and go over everything for the pre-construction. Is there anything we should mention? What will we be expecting?

Also, I went to the Ryan Homes websites just to see if there's new changes and what not. Found out that the price of a Venice in our neighborhood jumped up to $15,000 more. That's crazy...


  1. On the top of my list was...

    do not put the fireplace switch next to fireplace, its looks stupid

    run my flooring UNDER my cabinets NOT up to the cabinets in case we switch out cabinets

    Placement of your:
    Hose bibs

    window well (where do you want a deck or patio?) will it be in the way.

    electrical panel, the placment of it.

    Water shut off, please dont put it in the middle of a wall in the basement!

    placement of washer and dryer and drop sink, you want sink in basement or garage.

    HOW BIG DO YOU WANT YOUR DRIVEWAY.They only go garage door to garage door, you can get from House to House!!! Look of other houses you will see what i mean.

    Where do you want your TV's in your rooms, which walls?

    Soundproofing insulation? find out where all your toilet water is running down what wall in your house? if its the middle, you will hear all FLUSHES!! Insulate it.

    Just pay attention to where they put all the switches again some in the middle of a wall and you cant decorate it!!

    Be there as much as you can, take TONS of pics everytime your are there of EVERYTHING, those pics have helped out soooooooooooo many times!! Even when they ran the piping in the gravel before the footers we took pics and now we know just how the piping runs under the house, you will be amazed at what you will need in the future.

    I just touched on some major things I could remember.

    Anybody else?

    Let us know how it goes!!

    1. Omg thanks so much for giving me your list. It's very helpful! I think I collected over 20 questions so far to ask my PM... I'm hoping the PM is pretty chill and will allow a lot of our requests to happen.

      Where should the switch go for the fireplace? My friends with gas fireplaces have their switches behind their TV.

      The driveway one is important because I want it to be wide enough where I'm not stepping on the grass.

      Soundproofing insulation is really important to me because I play instruments and I tend to get loud... the community I'll be living in is really really quiet.

      I'll definetly be taking ridiculous amounts of photos! I'll post them on my blog and let you guys know how things are going.

      Thanks so much again for the questions to ask!

  2. I would say the most important thing is to really know the changes / upgrades / additions you've made. At our preconstruction meeting, we found out they had us down for white appliances, an incorrect vanity, outside light we added wasn't mapped out, standard sink instead of 60/40, etc. Yes, if we paid for it or it was on a change order it would've been fixed eventually, but who wants to wait for problems to be fixed.

    Second, due to the issues we've had, I would ask your PM how and when he communicates with you -- make sure all of you can agree on communication. We mistakenly assumed that since other bloggers all seem to get updates communicated to them, we would to. This was not the case.

    Third, again due to issues we've experienced, I would outright ask who you could contact in the unlikely event you feel issues aren't being addressed by your PM.

    Fourth, I will just reiterate something dw pointed out: ask where things are going. One of our neighbors had their hose bib placed almost directly behind their outside HVAC unit. That would be pretty darn inconvenient. I would make sure the fuse / electrical box will be inside the house or garage... I hate, hate, hate it when builders put it outside; seems like a safety concern.

    1. As soon as I read your comment, I texted my boyfriend and told him to print everything! Haha. I'll look over it tonight and see what changes/upgrades/additions that we've made and have been approved.

      Sorry that things didn't go well with your PM... I'm hoping ours will be pretty chill and actually cares. I mean, this is the person that would help make our dream home actually come true.

      I'm going to print out our floor plan of everything that is included (morning room/owner's suite upgrade/etc...) and then just draw out where everything WE want should go and then go over it with the PM.

      Ah. Thanks so much Jennifer for your input! I'll definitely keep you guys update how things are gonna go.