Sunday, April 27, 2014

04/27/14 Customizing Update

We've been waiting for a phone call about the whereabouts of our PM... I mean, it's already been two weeks since the wiring and flooring meeting... where's our PM!?

So our sales agent called us up  today and told us that she has good news about the structural order we requested. We were jealous that the other homes have lofts and the Venice does not... We saw a Venice home that was finished and it has a loft! Well sorta, just they tore down the walls of their BEDROOM #2.

These are from a video we took of the finished Venice home...
Just a half wall
Love it! Say hello to my friend.
It looked so good... but since we opted for one also, it might be difficult to do because we're getting a finished attic.

So they came back with just an idea of taking the wall off of from the stairway to the wall. Basically taking the door out... just look at the floor plan below for an idea.
They're just going to take out the wall of this BEDROOM #2. Look at all that space to roll around in the hallway! Oooh that looks creepy though.. haha. 
Original Plan (BEDROOM #2)
Updated Plan (BEDROOM #2)
Reason why we did it is because when people come over, they're eventually going to go up to the attic (man cave) and see our tiny hallway. I don't know... I just don't want people to be so claustrophobic when they make it to the second floor. The sunlight from BEDROOM #2 which has THREE WINDOWS btw, will shine right into the hallway. I LOVE SUNLIGHT! 

I just want the feeling of how the Milan model was, where everything is open... I don't know. That's just me. Even though it's just a small opening, I definitely want this to be my craft/ladies gossip room. My boyfriend has his man cave... let me have something cool at least! Plus they're doing it for free! 

I had an idea where BEDROOM #4 is connected to the owner's bath and was going to make it into a walk in closest/sewing room... the room is so tiny. Then I would make the door near the guest bath lead into it like a secret door of some sort. Something like this: 

Sure fooled me!

But I didn't think about this till NOW.. too late... Well it's a little too much, I know... plus I looked at the space between the toilet and the soaking tub. It looks a little tight to put a regular doorway to get into BEDROOM #4. 

Maybe in my next lifetime... 

Also, does anyone know who has a Venice model home with an attic? I kinda wanna see what it looks like... and how big it is. Haven't seen one up close just yet... 


  1. it looks like these guys have an attic.

    good luck, im jealous, why didnt i think of that!! Let me know if this helps.

    1. Thanks! I commented on their blog and asked them their attic's dimensions. I think theirs is bigger. Hopefully our attic would be big enough to host a movie night!

      I'm jealous of your home and your wonderful basement! It sucks living near the water!

    2. Kimberly, Oh so you guys dont have basements?? O I C now, so for extra space it would have to be the attic and NOT a basement.

    3. basements... :( Just an attic will suffice from now. lol

  2. Like the idea of a secret door! Hubby said he will build one between son's room and the bonus room so he can just disappear in his bedroom closet kinda like Narnia and into the bonus room lol.

    1. I love that idea too! Oh the possibilities!