Tuesday, June 10, 2014

06/10/14 Prepare for massive framing pictures!

Yes folks, the time has come for the framing to be almost done.

We went to see the house today just because every Tuesday we visit the house. And I'll be damned... it was a sight to see. The community is growing rapidly! We realized that the a lot of the homes around us chose the Milan with a finished attic. (Since us Hampton Roads residents can't bloody have a damn basement!) Sure it's bigger than our Venice... but after sneaking into one and taking a looksie... I'm more confident that we chose the right model.

Front face!

Right side

Left side

Full left side

They say it's a big backyard... but I dunno... lol is it?

Back of the house w/morning room

Patio deck

Morning room (I was super surprised to see that window on the side... )

My tub!

Family room with the fireplace

Morning room with so much light!

Fireplace goes in here

Stairs going up to the 2nd floor

Living room 

2nd floor stairs going up to the attic

This is how wide the 2nd bedroom opens up to feel like a loft. I am excited and surprised how big the open space is. That light on the ground comes from the 2nd bedroom window. So the hallway is definitely going to open and brighten up.
Washer and dryer room

Behold! The stairs going up to the man cave.

Finished attic

What it looks like outside the attic window. Eye sore.

Pano of the attic

Stairs going down from the attic

Pano of the 2nd floor from the master bedroom

Master closet 
The 2nd bedroom again with a better view of the custom removal of the wall and door. 

Floor plans taped to the morning room window

Options taped to the morning room window

Kitchen area where the gas stove is going to be

Kitchen area where the sink is going to be

Hey! I asked for stainless steel appliances. lol

Mud room from the garage

Hi neighbor... I wonder who's going to be between us. 

I wish the distance from our neighbor stays like that for a while. lol

So there you have it folks. Pictures of our home so far. It's excited and scary at the same time. Hoping all goes well. Sorry for the pictures overload... I try to decrease them as much as possible... but I can't help but share to the rest of you guys!


  1. Nice pics...It's coming along fast and furious! :)

    1. Thanks! We can't wait for any newer updates this week. Next week we have a meeting on Monday for wiring.

  2. Looks great!
    So, why no more basements in the community?

    1. Thanks! Since we live above sea level... It's funny because the massively older homes in Hampton Roads have basements but decided against it for newer homes. Oh well... :(

  3. Kimmie, your house is coming along fabulously! You've got to be super excited!!

    1. Thanks so much! I am excited! I kinda want to go see the house again today. haha. But I'll maybe wait till this weekend to see it again for any newer changes.