Tuesday, June 24, 2014

06/24/14 Pre-Drywall Meeting

We just had our Pre-drywall this past Thursday evening. Super late post, I know... lol

And it was hot. I was sweating like a fat baby in Disney World.

So much new stuff I see..... check it:

Green siding!

So green!

Green and mean!

Breaker box

Soaking tub... I want to sit in it.

Shower and tub
Shower... Yes I stood on it. 
Guest bathtub

We started from the third floor and moved ourselves down. Man heat rises for real. I'm just a little worried that we didn't add a rough-in for a fan for the attic. We should have because like I said, it was a sauna. Oh well... at least it has its own thermostat so we can regulate the cold air in there. We asked about pushing for a rough-in for a wet bar sink thingy majiggy in the finished attic since the drywall isn't up yet. (We didn't ask in time for Ryan Homes to do it so we gotta find someone to do it for us.) They told us to get a plumber to come out as soon as possible before the sheet rock goes up. Which will happen this Tuesday coming up... now to find a plumber... because we want to do this before they start covering up the bones of the house. Thankfully our real estate agent was there at the walkthrough and said she knows someone in mind to do so.

2nd Floor thermostat has to be on this owner's bedroom wall.
Then we moved to the second floor. We went to another Venice that just completed drywall a while back and the second floor thermostat was in the owner's bedroom... in the middle of a wall where you would put a television on... I mean, it was so weird and an eyesore. Our sales agent told us that was a mistake and that they will fix that for the people who own that Venice. So we request for that not to happen to us, and that we want it at least out in the hallway. Our PM hopes that the wire to the thermostat can reach out to the hallway if not close to the door in the master room as possible.

Switch is too high... almost close to the outlet.
Then we move to the first floor. We couldn't get the fireplace switch to be next to the light switches, so we opted to just have it above the mantel. My best friend had hers above the mantel and she just had it covered with some picture frames. So we requested it to be lowered down a tad bit since it was super high.

The garage had insulation all around! We were so psyched because we didn't know that we would get it. However, our PM said that was a mistake and they're going to tear down the insulation that's not touching the kitchen, family room, and the living room.We were telling him to keep it up and avoid all that labor. He said he'll see.

I keep pressuring my PM about the damn cabinets above the refrigerator... he said he can't do anything about it because the back of the cabinets have to be nailed towards the wall... bloggers who had it done... is yours nailed towards the sides? How was yours done?


1. They totally forgot to lower the fireplace switch and the sheet rock is already up. We talked to our PM and he said that the construction workers already did it before he had a chance to tell them to lower it down. He will fix it and will be above the mantel.
2. Couldn't get a plumber in time so we're not getting a wet bar in the attic. (Yeah kinda pissed off as of now.)
3. They tore the insulation off... damn! Thought we can keep it up there for super insulated fun. We should have like slipped money to them to keep it up.


  1. I will find and post a picture for the above-fridge cabinet! Oh and that's too bad for not getting a plumber :( One of my hubby's regret is not getting a rough-in for the wet bar at the basement. We did get a bath rough in so he just need to route the plumbing etc. That would have been nice if they just kept the insulation in the garage. But you should be able to put up your own insulation in the garage before drywall goes up. Hubby insulated our garage as well as some of the interior walls.

    1. Thanks for posting the picture! I'll show it to my PM and see what he thinks. Having a bathroom is always nice! Don't have to go upstairs to do the deed. lol. I wish they kept the insulation so that whenever I start a band or something... we won't be as loud... haha.

  2. Too bad they did not do everything...however...it gives me hope that we can talk to our PM for some of the "minor" things we want to alter (as I am sure there will be at least one)! Your progress is exciting and I love the slipping of the money thing. Girlfriend, I was thinking the same thing! LOL

    1. haha i mean it's your house! Might as well slip something under the table to make sure that your home is fully customized to your liking!

  3. LOVE that you all are doing the attic. We wanted one so bad but it turns out they cannot offer it in our area even though the plans say they can. So I cannot wait to see yours!! I am curious to see what switches, thermostats and outlets they randomly place around our house when we start building. Every blog I read talks about how the majority of those things are located in a place where they make no sense. You really do have to keep an eye out when they are building apparently!

    1. Oh no! Why can't your area let you guys have an attic? It's not like they're adding height to the house. I was really worried about the thermostats...but I guess I'll live having the 2nd floor thermostat in our owner's bathroom. We have no choice anyway haha.

      By the way Michelle, I love love your style! I can't wait to see you decorate your home... I wish our area had the same models that you guys have. I mean, I like all the Italy homes here, "Venice", "Milan". "Rome" etc... but a "Ernest Hemmingway"!? Haha. It's so cute!