Thursday, June 26, 2014

06/27/14 Our home has color!

So last night we lost power at our apartment for 3 hours.

I forgot that I received a letter from our electric company stating that they're going to work on the power during 9pm to midnight.

I was going crazy. It was hot and was totally losing it. So my boyfriend and I decided to go see the house. This is the first time we get to see the community at night.

I like it. It was so quiet and safe... a lot of light illuminating the streets. It felt like a whole different place. We haven't seen the home since last Monday... and it gave us the biggest surprise ever. Our house finally has siding!

It's so dark!

Have no fret... I came back the next day with my bro and took daytime pictures! (But the damn sun got in the way of the lighting!)




Back right

Back left


I love love love the sage green. I don't care what anyone else says... it's different... modern-ish... eco friendly looking... haha!

At first I was having my heart set for a red or blue house... but it was too late since our neighbors already chosed it. I really like this Milan... sigh. Our neighbors have great taste!

Blue and darkish tan with maroon shutters and brown steel roof
I finally met our neighbors on the other side of the corner lot. We talked for a while about our hometown and what got us here today. We'll get along great! This will be their 3rd home being built in Hampton Roads, so they're experienced builders!

P.S. Hope you guys like the new template on my blog. Decided to change it up since our home finally has it's template.


  1. Very nice home!!! I love the color of your home. It's very cool that your homes are brings a nice change to the neighborhood! It's great that you met with the neighbors as well. Can't wait to see more of your progress!

    1. Thanks so much Eboni! It does bring a nice change to the neighborhood. It's one of the reasons why we wanted a home there. If we wanted fencing... the neighborhood only allows us to get a white fence.. almost picket like... haha We can get a nice black fence, but it doesn't really look right with the homes here..

  2. It looks awesome! I love the style of home in your neighborhood... so much character!!

    1. Thanks Colette! Yes, it does give out so much character! Our Ryan Homes neighborhood stands out a bit from other RH neighborhoods that I've seen. I think it's the whole front-porch-sip-lemonade-on-a-porch-swing-type of thing. Haha.

  3. Absolutey LOVE the green! It looks so great! So excited for you all! And I agree with Colette, so much character in your neighborhood. That's one thing that I want so bad for our neighborhood.. but we will see! :)

    1. Thanks Michelle! I think your neighborhood will have character! We have so many strict rules in mines... I bet yours is more easygoing!